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Eastern Orchard

Eastern Orchard Body Milk

Eastern Orchard Body Milk

Normaalihinta €32,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €32,00 EUR
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with Organic Evening Primrose, Organic Argan and Rice Bran Oils

Contains 8% of Vitamin E’s rich rice bran oil effectively moisturizing the skin with emollient and anti-oxidant properties. Organic evening primrose and organic argan oils help strengthen skin condition and moisturize and soften the skin with anti-irritation benefits. The soothing scent of yuzu and neroli essential oils freshens and delights the mind. This naturally non-greasy formula is non-comedogenic which will not clog pores and absorbs instantly.

Yuzu and Neroli essential oils help refresh the body and delight the mind.

Dermatologically tested • Paraben free • Mineral oil free • No artificial colour • No fragrance

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