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Shiso Facial Serum

Shiso Facial Serum

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with Centella, Banana flower and Shiso Extracts

Promotes elasticity of the skin, resulting in a decrease in wrinkles, and enhances skin radiance. Centella Asiatica extract stimulates the synthesis of collagen and rebuilds the skin’s network. Banana flower extract stimulates the production of collagen and soothes the skin. Shiso extract moisturizes and helps protect the skin from premature aging.
82.4% of the volunteers' skin elasticity improved by 13.4%*
76.5% of the volunteers' skin wrinkles decreased by 25.5%*  

*Cutometry measurement and Replica analysis method tested results in 17  volunteers of twice daily use after 28 days by Spincontrol Asia Co.,Ltd. (France)

Dermatologically Tested • No Artificial Colour and fragrance  • Paraben Free • Mineral Oil Free • Petroleum Oil Free

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