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Aromatic Wood

Aromatic Wood Extra Shine Shampoo

Aromatic Wood Extra Shine Shampoo

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Suitable for all hair types. Enhance your mood and uplift your spirit with the aroma from Orange, Tangerine, and Nutmeg essential oils. 

Thoroughly cleanse, nourish, and add extra shine to your hair with the benefits from certified Organic Olive oil and Organic Sesame oil.

Vitamin E rich Rice Bran Oil and Organic Olive Oil help moisturize and soften hair. Organic Sesame Oil contains antioxidants and natural emollients to protect and strengthen your hair. Orange essential oil contains natural AHA that helps reveal the natural shine of your hair.

Dermatologically tested No Artificial Color • No Artificial Fragrance • Paraben Free Alcohol Free • Silicone Free • Mineral Oil Free 

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